Free Facebook Access For Airtel Users

India's top telecom company by network is now providing exciting offer for all of its customers. Bharti Airtel would provide free Facebook access of up to 500 MB data per month for its pre-paid users till February 15. Airtel pre-paid mobile users can post status messages, upload a photo and do everything else on their favourite social network at no charge. Beyond free usage external links will be charged as per prevailing rates.

So again Airtel has come up with a plan that would make most of the users to switch to Airtel if they were looking for any new operators. Moreover the telecom company is known for its best Network throughout the country. Facebook being the world's best and top Social Networking site, its a good opportunity for all users to make use of it.

The Aircel has removed all its towers and removed all the services for Visakhapatnam. But Aircel was the only telecom which was giving the best unlimited 3G plans, its my personal opinion no offence.... But we would like Airtel and others to provide such good offers instead of giving only free facebook for a month.

With this Airtel will continue to gain more and more of its users and will be the India's top telecom operator and even World's top telecom operator

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But still 4G have better offers even cheaper than 3G.....Don't believe then check it out here.

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