Amazing Videos

Here I am going to show you some of the amazing videos related to both technology and some of the entertaining videos....

1) This videos is all about the Incredible India. If you understand the concept behind this video then please do comment.

2) This video is all about the propeller clock which is an electronic circuit which on rotating makes a clock and such circuit always amaze the public....A must watch..

3) Have fun seeing this funniest dance by my friends for a reception party, it was to make you all know that why should girls have all the fun.

4) This is why we call that India have potential that no one has its the Incredible India.

5) have you ever seen a foldable battery???? No then see here the most advanced new technology of a battery that is used for making foldable Smartphones and other foldable electronic devices.

6) wow!!!! what a talent shown by a girl. Can you do this.If yes prove it here by commenting.

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