Uttar Pradesh Solar Hot Bed

Solar energy is the best green energy that is eco friendly. The solar power would be very useful as the fuel prices are rising and fuel are on the verge of extinct in future.The solar companies are investing more and more to produce light in most of the villages which are still lightless. Bihar was the hub center for solar powers till now but now Uttar Pradesh (UP) has taken over and is the growing solar hotbed.

OMC and Mera Gao are two companies that have been pivotal in providing solar mini-grid models. These models have caught the eye of the UP government, which recently announced a 1 GW solar policy. According to OMC estimates, it takes 30 days to complete a new plant from start to finish, while, on the other hand, a new coal plant takes 5 to 7 years to complete, which costs billions. 

The company is directly linked with job creation and 10 to 15 people are hired per solar station. They have built five separate 9-18 Kw solar stations out of which, only one is operational and plan to reach 350 plants in 2013. Similar to OMC's model, is Mera Gao's 'mini', mini-grids. Mera Gao has set up its watt scale mini-grids, in the range of 240 Watts, which are installed in a single day on individual rooftops. The most productive part about the model, is its high efficient LED light which significantly reduces the size of all other components of the system.

Sunglasses Produces Sunshine

It was a jaw dropping moment when I listened that we can produce sun light from Sun glasses.
What do you think is it possible????

Yes, we can produce light. we all know that we can save our eyes from the hot sun in summer so the sun glasses acts as light absorber, but the vice versa is been made possible by three Danish engineers. Find out below as how its possible. 

The technology behind these glasses is simple. The glasses use six light emitting diodes (LEDs) which produce a powerful light field. The light is then reflected into the eyes by a curved reflector. Daily usage of 30 minutes would help fight depression, which usually develops sometime between September and November due to absence of sunlight. 

The main symptoms of seasonal affected disorder (SAD) are a persistent low mood and a marked loss of interests or pleasure in activities. Fatigue, comfort eating and heavy limbs are other common symptoms.

The glasses are priced at £54. 

Researchers say that light therapy sometime works wonders to fight depression. The therapy involves making a person sit in front of a special bright light for a time each day. In general, the light source needed for the therapy is at least 2500 lux, approximately 10 times more than that of ordinary light bulbs. 

Wipro India Tops Green Firms List

Wipro has topped the Greenpeace's Guide to Greener Electronics' listing its maiden appearance, surpassing Apple,Samsung, Dell,and Nokia among others.

The wipro is the 1st company among the top 16 electronics company across the world based on thier commitment and progress in three environment criteria.: energy and climate, greener productsand sustainable operations.

Wipro has scored the most points due to its efforts to embrace renewable energy and advocay for greener energy policies in India.

Wipro also scored well for post consumer e-waste collection for recycling for facing out hazardous substances from its products.

Wipro has set a new benchmark for sustainability, not only in India but across the globe, that will have a long term impact in shaping the green energy debate in the electronics industry.

Here is the list of companies that are among top 10 green companies across the world.

1)  Wipro  ( India)
2)  HP  (USA)
3)  Nokia  (Finland)
4)  Acer  (Taiwan)
5)  Dell  (USA)
6)  Apple  (USA)
7)  Samsung  (S. Korea)
8)  Sony  (Japan)
9)  Lenovo  (China)
10)  Philips  (Holland)

HP was the top company last year but this year it has dropped to 2nd rank. Nokia has moved up from 4th to 3rd.

While most Information and communication Technology companies made progress in removing toxic chemicals from their manufacturing and supplying chains are still dependent on fossil fuels.

Beside these companies also lag behind in effectively managing e-waste they produce, particularly in India.

A massive global energy crisis is caused by polluting fossil fuels the next big environmental challenge for consumer electronics firms is to reduce the carbon pollution.

The Indian company Wipro was the only company to reduce such toxic and harmful chemicals to a great extent and so the Indian Wipro has been top ranked among all Green Electronics companies across the world.

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Galaxy Note 2 The King of Android

Do you know why I have named Galaxy Note 2 as the king of android.??
The reasons are as follows:

Firstly lets talk about some of its specification:

1) 5.5" Super AMOLED capacitive touch screen. 

2) Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, powered by 1.6 GHz Quad core ARM processor with 2GB RAM.

3) 8MP camera with auto focus and LED flash.

4 ) 2 variants of 16GB and 32 GB internal memory, expandable by up to 32 GB via micro SD card.

5) 3100 mAh battery, giving it the longest talk time among any smartphones in 2012.

6) Priced at just Rs 34,500 only in India.

Now you tell me isn't is the best android Smartphone till now.Still you don't believe then have a look below.
Lets talk about its hardware,

It has the best hardware as that of samsung SIII and the best part is that the phone provides more battery life and the battery is replacable.The phone is out of stock as soon as it comes to market. The phone is also best for heavy smartphone users.

Now lets have a look at its Software:
Some of the best apps are illustrated below whichI liked the most.
  • S Note: It's fun to get back to handwriting again, thanks to the Note II. The S Pen is a fantastic new accessory with integrated options.You can write like you do on note books.
  • Air View: It is efficient to hover the S Pen over the display to scroll and view the details of calendar appointments. So it makes easy view for users.
  • Angry Birds Star Wars: What can I say? I am a huge Star Wars fan and with the S Pen you can fine tune Han Solo's blaster aims.
  • Google Play Movies: I enjoy renting and watching movies on my Galaxy Note II.
  • Plume: Twitter app
  • Facebook: Primarily for Facebook photos
  • Handcent SMS: This 3rd party SMS client looks great.Good interface too.
  • Flipboard: This is the way to browse through your feeds in an interactive manner.
  • Google Now: This utility is great for sports, traffic, package tracking, and more.

Also you can see its review on the following site:

New Sim Cards Will File FIR

You may be shocked after listening to this but yes its TRUE. If you are buying a new sim card and give a false details then you will be in danger.

This is the new diwali offer to all users from The Department of Telecom (DoT). The following things is to be noted or else he/she will be directly filed for FIR without intimation.

The following are the new agenda to be noted by all new subscribers.:

 1) Everyone should give a correct physical appearance  while you take the sim cards,and sim cards will be given to the particular physical identity who comes for it, only after checking his details on paper.
2) If anyone submits forged documents then the operator will automatically file a complain or FIR against the particular person.
3) The operators will be responsible for any inappropriate information provided by subscriber.
4) Only authorized dealer will be permitted to sell Sim cards.
5) The subscriber has to sign his photo on the form with the dealer.

So these are some of the Diwali offer given by DoT to all the new subscribers to stop illegal activities.
But do you really think this will help, India with more than a billion people....can they still manage to stop illegal activities. Lets see and hope for the best.

Urine Electricity Generator

Woh...Now we can also produce electricity with our urine. Yes....Its true Not a Joke.I was wondering when i listened this news but then was astonished by the work done by teenagers in finding such a great generator powered by urine.The whole credit goes to Four entrepreneurial teenagers from Nigeria, namely
Fourteen-year-olds Duro-Aina Adebola, Akindele Abiola, Faleke Oluwatoyin, and 15-year-old Bello Eniola.

They did all this sit in the Maker Faire Africa entrepreneurs event, in Lagos, southern Nigeria on 5 and 6 November.

Working : Urine is put into an electrolytic cell, which breaks the urea into nitrogen, water, and hydrogen.
The hydrogen then goes into a water filter for purification, which then is pushed inside a gas cylinder.
The gas cylinder pushes hydrogen into a cylinder of liquid borax, which removes the moisture from the hydrogen gas.
This purified hydrogen gas is then pushed inside the generator. The generator provides six hours of electricity from a litre of urine.

Now just think how much you give out daily and estimate the electricity that you can generate.So now when ever we need electricity just drink as much water as possible and then give your input for the generator and thats it you will get electricity.

hats off to such teen prodigy or talent or innovative creation. Now the WORLD IS CHANGING and i guess we all have the same potential of making something unique and creative.


How To Select New Laptop in 3 Steps

Most of my friends ask me to suggest a best laptop that they can buy. And i think of cheap laptops and also laptops like Alianware but then a question arises.....For what purpose do you really want a Laptop.

If you would only like to surf net and do office work then any cheap laptop and Notebooks are best for you.
If you want to play HD games then you need the most wanted graphic cards, plus more ram and so it all depends on what you really wants and so after generalizing all these I found that before buying any laptops you must look after 3 things described below.:

1. Get at least 4GB of RAM.
That's "four gigabytes of memory" for those who don't speak PC. Anything less and your system will run like molasses--something to keep in mind as Black Friday deals roll around. Many "doorbuster" laptops will have only 2GB of RAM, and that's just not enough.

2. If you can afford it, get a system with an SSD.
That's short for "solid-state drive," which has no moving parts and therefore runs faster, generates less heat, and consumes less power than a traditional hard drive. You'll pay a premium for an SSD and end up with less storage space, but how much do you really need? Most folks I know rarely fill up more than 100GB.
Indeed, although a 128GB SSD may seem like a downgrade compared with, say, a 500GB hard drive, the speed benefits alone are worth the extra money.

3. Try before you buy.
Although brick-and-mortar tech stores are few and far between these days, there are still places where you can go and browse laptops in person. And that's something you should definitely do.
Sure, you can shop online based on specs and price, but you owe it to yourself to test-drive the keyboard. And the trackpad. Make sure they're comfortable and responsive. Likewise, check the screen: is it glossy and therefore heavy on the glare? Whenever possible, try to lay hands on a laptop before buying it.

Notice that I didn't mention the processor. Unless you're doing heavy-duty video editing or playing a lot of graphics-intensive games, the processor just isn't the big factor it used to be. They're all pretty fast nowadays. 

So make a note of all these and buy your new Laptop.

Must Have Top 5 IT skills in Recession period

As the Recession is slowly and gradually settling in once again and IT industry is expected to be the worst affected sector as far as job hiring is concerned. So we provide you with Top5 IT Skills that you all must have to get a better job.

Here are the Top 5 IT Skills:

1)Programming and Application Development: According to the survey, 60 per cent of the respondents wanted to hire employees with programming and application development skills by next year. Those who have experience in Java, J2EE and .Net are at an advantage as these skills will be heavily demanded by companies in the coming time. 

2)Project management: Project management will be in huge demand next year as 40 per cent of the companies questioned in the survey said that they will recruit project managers in the next 12 months. The rising demand for candidates with this profile is due to the jump in the number of as well as increase in the complexity of such projects as applications are now more connected. 

3)Help Desk/Technical: 35 per cent of IT recruiters surveyed by Computerworld said that they will hire IT help desk professionals within the next one year. Such companies' focus is to not only develop modern systems and solutions but also to help end users to access them easily, hence the emphasis on the technical support skills.  

4)Security: IT security also seems to be high on IT companies' agenda as 27 per cent responded that they were on the lookout for professionals with skills for safeguarding systems and data. Therefore, it's time that candidates in IT security industry brush up their knowledge on deploying firewalls, threat detection tools, encryption technology and other security systems. 

5)Business Intelligence/Analytics: Big data is a major concern for IT firms, which is why many companies are looking for business analytics professionals. In the survey, 26 per cent of the respondents stated that they will hire business intelligence/analytics professionals in 2013. Recruiters will keep in mind technical know-how, business knowledge and strong statistical and mathematical backgrounds while hiring personnel for this domain.  

Indians among Forbes top 15 classroom revolutionaries

Two Indians CEO of Datawind, the maker of India's low-cost tablet Aakash, Suneet Singh Tuli and Massachusettes Institute of Technology (MIT) professor Anant Agarwal have been named among the top 15 classroom revolutionaries.

Tuli(44)) is the " mastermind" behind the world's cheapest tablet computer Aakash, "which has the potential to revolutionise educational access in the developing world."

Datawind has a backlog of "millions" of orders for the 35 dollar Aakash tablet. The publication quoted Tuli as saying that "I don't care about creating the iPad killer. I care about the 3 billion people who can afford this device." 

Agarwal, 53, a professor of computer science at MIT is also the President of edX, the new combined online offerings of Harvard, MIT, the University of California at Berkeley and the University of Texas.

Over 400,000 are currently enrolled in the education programme. "We've created dramatic access to learning for students worldwide. By reinventing online learning, we can dramatically improve what we do on campus," Agarwal, who took over as head of edX in May this year, said.

"EdX continues to up the ante by increasing partners, classes (seven to dozens for spring 2013) and innovations, such as virtual laboratories," Forbes added.

Datawind had won the tender in 2010 to supply one lakh Aakash tablets for a price of around 49 dollars per unit. A new version of the tablet PC, featuring one Ghz processor, four-hour battery time, capacitive screen and Android 4.0 operating system, is expected to be launched in India on November 11.

Among the other education innovators on the list is Salman Khan, the Bangladeshi-American founder of Khan Academy, the revolutionary online education platform.

The 36 year old M.I.T. and Harvard alumnus has so far created 3,400 videos, mostly science and math tutorials, that have been watched by more than 200 million people. Khan Academy's YouTube channel has more than 400,000 subscribers.