Even Humanoid Robots Taste Wine

Wine tasting is a skilled job, and it comes more from one's instincts than training. Only that scientists have flipped the bottle -- now, robots can do the job as good as an expert.

NEC System Technologies and Mie University have jointly developed a robot that can recognise various eatables and wines through an electromechanical sommelier.

"There are all kinds of robots out there doing many different things," said Hideo Shimazu, director of the NEC System Technology Research Laboratory and a joint-leader of the robot project. "But we decided to focus on wine because that seemed like a real challenge."

These wine tasting robots can be customized to identify the kinds of wines their owner prefers. The robots can be programmed in a manner that they can recommend new varieties of wine to suit their owner's taste. That's not all, considering the owner's health, the robots can even alert him not to consume a particular drink or food.

The flip side to the coin is the robot can be programmed to accurately identify only a few dozen wines at most. The robots fail to identify the wine once the bottle has been opened and the wine begins to transform chemically.


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  1. I would like to see what will happen to them after drinking too much.????