Top Hacking Tools and Useful Tips

Here I present some top hacking tools for only Educational purpose. Any use of these tools for vulnerability attacks are on your own risks and this blog is no way concerned regarding those attacks and the consequences.

Vulnerability Scanners: These are programs that have been designed to asses a computer or network’s vulnerability to attacks. The functionality of these tools varies from one to the other, but they all present a detailed analysis of how vulnerable your system is.


2. OpenVAS

3. Nipper

4. Secunia PSI

5. Retina

6. QualysGuard

7. Nexpose

Web Vulnerability Scanners: While vulnerability scanners are meant for your system, web vulnerability scanners assess the vulnerability of web applications. The identify the security vulnerabilities that your app may have through various tests.

Burp Suite

2. WebScarab

3. Websecurify

4. Nikto

5. w3af

Web Proxies: Proxies were originally created in order to add encapsulation to distributed systems. The client contacts a proxy server in order to request an item that exists on your server.


2. Fiddler

3. Ratproxy

4. sslstrip

Rootkit Detectors: This tool is a file and directory integrity checker. It verifies if a file is trustworthy and informs the user if found otherwise.

AIDE (Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment)

Firewalls: You obviously know what a Firewall is. These monitor and control the traffic in your network, whether incoming or outgoing. They are essential security tools that are used by the most novice to the most advanced users.


2. PF: OpenBSD Packet Filter

Fuzzers: The concept of fuzzing is usually put to use in order to test the security vulnerabilities of computer systems or in the software that runs on them.


2. Wfuzz

3. Wapiti

4. W3af

Forensics: This refers to tools that are used for computer forensic. They are used in order to find evidence that is existing in computer systems.

Sleuth Kit

2. Helix

3. Malteg0

4. Encase

Debuggers: These are tools that are used in order to write exploits, reverse engineer binary files and to analyse malware.


2. Immunity Debugger

Hacking Operating Systems: These are operating systems that have been designed specifically for hackers. These distros are preloaded with tools that a hacker needs etc.

Backtrack 5r3

2. Kali Linux

3. SELinux

4. Knoppix

5. BackBox Linux

6. Pentoo

7. Matriux Krypton

8. NodeZero

9. Blackbuntu

10. Samurai Web Testing Framework


12. CAINE (Computer Aided Investigative Environment)

13. Bugtraq

14. DEFT

15. Helix

Other Hacking Tools: There are also other miscellaneous hacking tools that are often used by hackers. They can’t be put into a particular category, but they are still quite useful.


2. Traceroute


4. Dig

5. cURL


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