Top Countries with Highest Net Speed

We know how many of you are struggling to find the perfect Internet connection with a good speed in India. But trust us, it’s altogether a different story in many countries where the internet is blazing fast on a normal speed as well. Here is the list of countries with the fastest internet connections based on Akamai’s State Of The Internet report.

1) Hong Kong - 65.1 Mbps 

Maintaining its position as the country with the fastest internet, Hong Kong is still the no. 1 on the list with peak speed of 65.1Mbps. Although this is 0.9 per cent fall as compared to past quarter, but it is a 32 per cent growth as compared to last year.

Android Kitkat Photo Editor Race with Windows Phone Photo Editor

Android is yet to release its Kitkat version of Android phones and the news is that the Android Kitkat will be having the best photo editor ever, you can try this photo editor and enjoy.
Amongst the many new features in Google’s new Android KitKat operating system is the new photo editor. The lesser known updated photo editor is reportedly quite ahead of its earlier versions. The new version allows the user to add filters and effects to their pictures, while also allowing them to adjustments for single colours in the photos that they take from KitKat-based devices. Currently, the Android 4.4 OS is present only in the newly launched Google Nexus 5, but many OEMs have promised upgrades soon.