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Convert Your PC into Hotspot Without Any Software

There are certain software's like connectify Hotspot which allows users to convert there PC into hotspot and shares the PC internet with other devices(mobiles,other PC, etc). But even without the use of any software and using just a few lines of code also we can convert our PC into hotspot and its the most secured way of converting the PC into Wi-Fi hotspot. Lets see how....

Step 1: Run cmd.exe with administrative previlage.

Go to Start menu in windows 7 and enter cmd, you will see a command prompt icon. Right click on it and you will see "run as administrator"

Step 2: Enter the below command but change the Password instead of mypassword,and run it.

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=MyFreeWirelessHotspot key=mypassword

you can change your hotspot name from "MyFreeWirelessHotspot" to any desired hotspot nameand don't forget to change the password from "mypassword" to your desired password in the above red lined code.

Step 3: Run this command to start the hotspot.

netsh wlan start hostednetwork

Step 4:  Change the property of your connection by which you are connected to internet, it may be either LAN or Dial Up connection. 

Right click on connection and click on "properties"  and go to "share" tab, you will see a option to "allow other user network to connect through this computer internet connection" select this option to allow sharing. Now select "wireless Network connection 2" in the drop down list. Click on "settings" on same page and select HTTP and HTTPS.

Step 5: Now you can enjoy your own developed Wi-Fi hotspot without use of any software. 
If you want to stop your hotspot run this command:

"netsh wlan stop hostednetwork".

Convert PDF to Word for Free

Have you ever converted a PDF file to a Word file? 

If yes, then you know that almost every website out there ask you to register or e-mail. That may not be the case any longer. Sautin Software has launched a new free online service that allows everyone to convert a PDF file to Word (.doc) format, images, or text. Another point of interest is that converts PDF files to Word faster than any competitor.                  

The new online service built on an artificial intelligence system, claims to recreate real tables in Word document and converts some of the complex vector graphics (e.g., lines, curves, polygons) in a raster image. This innovation significantly reduces the size. Doc file and the time it opened in MS Word.

A PDF document doesn't have real tables. Tables inside a PDF document in fact is a set of graphics lines. Conversely, a lot of documents created in MS Word often have a lot of complex tables. The engine of the online service can understand and recreate real-world tables with rows and cells from set of orthogonal lines or text.

Another interesting feature is that the online service allows to convert PDF to Images with a desired image format: JPEG, PNG, Bitmap or Multipage TIFF, and set image dpi.

Either a businessperson who needs a quick way to convert PDF files into a more convenient format, or home user who wants to edit PDF files, or a student who needs to bring Adobe PDF files into an editable *.DOC format, for all of them could be a useful product.    

Now Enjoy Free PDF to Word Convertor!!!!


Make an Inexpensive Multitouch Pad in just 5 minutes

In this post I would like to share How to Make an Inexpensive Multitouch Pad in Just 5 Minutes.... So read each steps carefully.

Step 1: Keep the following Materials ready in front of you
            1) Cardboard Box
            2) Piece of clear study material -- glass or plexiglas or acrylic.
            3) Paper -- Printer or tracing or drafting papers.
            4) Webcam
            5) Computer

Step 2: Now lets see how to construct....

1) Trim the paper to the same size as that of glass and tape the paper on top.

2) If needed tape box flaps to make  the box taller.

3) Cut a hole for the camera cord to fit through.

4) Pull the cord through the box and tape the Webcam in the center.

5) Attach the top piece(paper side up) using tape or be creative using any other materials.

6) That's it plug in your webcam and have fun!!!!

Step 3: Software required....

Touchlib -- open source finger tracking software.

I have shown the whole steps in the video below with examples of windows mouse driver, smoke demo, photo application, ripples, wall pong game, physics demo and multikey demo.

Have a look and enjoy making the Multitouch pad in few minutes.


Its really strange that there are different ways of charging your Cell Phones battery, but we know only one that's plugging charger into socket and getting it charged. 

So now I will share with you a new method of charging the phone, and that's using a "CANDLE". I have previously made a post for charging a phone by sending messsages you can look that here

Lets get started....

Do you know the Law of Thermodynamics??

If any system 'A' and system 'B' are both in equilibrium with system 'C' then the system 'A' and system 'B' are also in equilibrium with each other.

Now when a system is at higher potential, it must give some energy to other system to come in equilibrium.
Similar is the case here. A candle gives heat energy and so this can be utilized to charge a cell phone.
fig a
But this heat energy is to be properly converted into electrons that will flow in cell phones so for this reason we use a device known as Peltier Device(as shown in fig b)

fig b
You can find this peltier device on  as a usb tea cooler or warmer.
Now take this peltier device from inside the usb tea cooler and warmer, and keep it as shown in  fig-c. 

The voltage obtained now is around 1.8 Volts but its not sufficient to charge a phone so we use a amplifier already present in emergency mobile portable chargers. And connect positive to positive and negative to negative, and that's all the cell phone starts charging.

Parts list required:
1) A Peltier device scavenged from a usb drink chiller
2) Candle
3) a phone charger amplifier
4) A cell phone
Everything is cheap and can be made under $55.

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