Control Games With Your EYE's

The eye-tracking feature is one of the many goodies that came with the latest Samsung flagship phone Galaxy S4. And the pace at which technology is moving these days, it was widely expected that the feature will be available on most of the devices by end of this year. An eye-tracking software company called Eye-Tribe has announced that it will release SDK for developers so that the feature would be available on other smartphone devices as well.

The Fruit Ninja game being controlled by just moving your eyes, it was such a nice experience. Would really love to continuously play such games with eye tracking facilities.

According to press release, the company has announced that it will release a developers kit for games and apps beginning in June. The brand claims to be the "world's first eye control software" for Android devices.

Eye-tracking as defined earlier, lets users scroll down web pages, play games, and unlock their home screen by moving their pupils.

The Samsung Galaxy S4's Smart Pause feature does not track for your eye, instead it recognises when your face is looking at it or not.

However with Eye Tribe, users will able to scroll up and down the screen of a tablet without moving the device itself. It is capable of playing touch-intensive slicing games like Fruit Ninja by merely using eyes, all this has already been experienced by folks at CNET at CES earlier this year.
The company has informed that there are some hardware add-ons that are required but Eye Tribe is doing its best to ensure that the tracking software is available to consumers at a price that is affordable. One would also expect the company to join hands with smartphone manufacturers to adopt the software on their devices. The power of gaming will soon be in your eyes.                  

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  1. Oh its really amazing to play game in such a manner. i had never tried it. Once it launched i will definitely gonna try. Also it will help s4 to boost its sale.