Washing Machine That Washes Your Clothes Without Water

Do you even CARE what kind of disgusting bugs and bacteria live on your clothes and bedding? Do you? Well, The world first washing machine dryer with "air wash" function cares. The AQUA AWD-AQ1 from Sanyo disinfects and deodorizes your clothes without using water. It shoots ozone-filled air to whisk away odors and bacteria. It also recycles the water it uses for rinsing and disinfects it using the selfsame ozone. It even has special modes to fight against mode, add steam, and even wash without detergent.

Sanyo Electric Japan is offering a completely new cleaning technology for home with the launch of Drum Type Washer/Dryer – AWD-AQ1. The ‘AQUA’ (In naming this product ‘Aqua’, Sanyo tries to express its feelings about the environment- ‘The water that we use isn’t unlimited’; ‘This washing machine values the importance of water) is the world’s first home washer/dryer to utilize ozone, which enables ‘reduction of water’ and ‘recycling of water.’ Air Wash’ function enables easy disinfection & deodorization of clothes without using water, by utilizing the power of air at home. ‘Air Wash’, injects air combined with Ozone on clothes inside the drum, and is able to disinfect & deodorize in about a 30 minute process.


Ozone has a strong oxidation action, which either destroys or disassembles the cell walls of bacteria. The Ozone that is injected inside the drum decomposes odors and bacteria and then goes back into the air. For clothing and small objects that would normally lose their shape with the tumbling action of the drum, this new washing machine enables operation by setting these items on a shelf inside the drum. Moreover, in addition to the right-side open type washing machine, Sanyo has also made available the left-side open type washing machine to match the needs of a wide range of customers, considering different types of their installation locations and usability. 


The washing machine is available in two colors- (W) Pearl White and (T) Metallic Brown. With external dimensions-1209mm (H) x 636mm (W) x 695mm (D), Capacity (washer/dryer) 9.0kg/6.0kg. It may be priced at $2200.

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  1. Are you out of your mind. You only makes a washer and dryer for the so called wealthy. What about the everyday person who works for a living. You are a sorry excuse for a company thinking only about how to make a buck.