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Have you ever converted a PDF file to a Word file? 

If yes, then you know that almost every website out there ask you to register or e-mail. That may not be the case any longer. Sautin Software has launched a new free online service that allows everyone to convert a PDF file to Word (.doc) format, images, or text. Another point of interest is that converts PDF files to Word faster than any competitor.                  

The new online service built on an artificial intelligence system, claims to recreate real tables in Word document and converts some of the complex vector graphics (e.g., lines, curves, polygons) in a raster image. This innovation significantly reduces the size. Doc file and the time it opened in MS Word.

A PDF document doesn't have real tables. Tables inside a PDF document in fact is a set of graphics lines. Conversely, a lot of documents created in MS Word often have a lot of complex tables. The engine of the online service can understand and recreate real-world tables with rows and cells from set of orthogonal lines or text.

Another interesting feature is that the online service allows to convert PDF to Images with a desired image format: JPEG, PNG, Bitmap or Multipage TIFF, and set image dpi.

Either a businessperson who needs a quick way to convert PDF files into a more convenient format, or home user who wants to edit PDF files, or a student who needs to bring Adobe PDF files into an editable *.DOC format, for all of them could be a useful product.    

Now Enjoy Free PDF to Word Convertor!!!!

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