Jelly Bean Updated But Not Up To Date

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As the heading suggest the article is about the latest jelly Bean update, but is it up to date ????

First of all a happy news from the Android that they have released the jelly bean update....
I updated my Samsung Galaxy Note with the latest Jelly Bean update, and was happy to see that it have some new functions like multitasking and the wavy screen lock as in S3 phones. But I found that there are a lot of Bugs in the latest update of Jelly Bean so we can say that the update is not up to date.

The worst thing I observed was the error of memory card, i.e, the mobile or so called Smartphone shows that memory card is missing or not found, you can see in the pic below about what happened to the files or games in your memory card -- it simply didn't work.

Then the other bug being the lost of some data from some games after the battery gets completely dead and then again you charge it, I dont know whether it was the bug in games or the Android software.

One more bug is that when we click on screen 'once', it sometimes automatically clicks twice as we click with our mouse on desktops.

This is the reason I am still in a dilemma weather to take Android or to continue with my Windows Phone, No offence please its my personal opinion.

Android is having the largest market now in the world so I think that Android Developer should look after all these problems and make sure that when they update a new version they must keep there update up to date.

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