Uttar Pradesh Solar Hot Bed

Solar energy is the best green energy that is eco friendly. The solar power would be very useful as the fuel prices are rising and fuel are on the verge of extinct in future.The solar companies are investing more and more to produce light in most of the villages which are still lightless. Bihar was the hub center for solar powers till now but now Uttar Pradesh (UP) has taken over and is the growing solar hotbed.

OMC and Mera Gao are two companies that have been pivotal in providing solar mini-grid models. These models have caught the eye of the UP government, which recently announced a 1 GW solar policy. According to OMC estimates, it takes 30 days to complete a new plant from start to finish, while, on the other hand, a new coal plant takes 5 to 7 years to complete, which costs billions. 

The company is directly linked with job creation and 10 to 15 people are hired per solar station. They have built five separate 9-18 Kw solar stations out of which, only one is operational and plan to reach 350 plants in 2013. Similar to OMC's model, is Mera Gao's 'mini', mini-grids. Mera Gao has set up its watt scale mini-grids, in the range of 240 Watts, which are installed in a single day on individual rooftops. The most productive part about the model, is its high efficient LED light which significantly reduces the size of all other components of the system.

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