Sunglasses Produces Sunshine

It was a jaw dropping moment when I listened that we can produce sun light from Sun glasses.
What do you think is it possible????

Yes, we can produce light. we all know that we can save our eyes from the hot sun in summer so the sun glasses acts as light absorber, but the vice versa is been made possible by three Danish engineers. Find out below as how its possible. 

The technology behind these glasses is simple. The glasses use six light emitting diodes (LEDs) which produce a powerful light field. The light is then reflected into the eyes by a curved reflector. Daily usage of 30 minutes would help fight depression, which usually develops sometime between September and November due to absence of sunlight. 

The main symptoms of seasonal affected disorder (SAD) are a persistent low mood and a marked loss of interests or pleasure in activities. Fatigue, comfort eating and heavy limbs are other common symptoms.

The glasses are priced at £54. 

Researchers say that light therapy sometime works wonders to fight depression. The therapy involves making a person sit in front of a special bright light for a time each day. In general, the light source needed for the therapy is at least 2500 lux, approximately 10 times more than that of ordinary light bulbs. 

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  1. The sun’s ultraviolet rays are most damaging between 10am and 2pm. Even under overcast skies, we should protect our eyes, as the rays of the sun do pass through clouds. And when under a shade, we should still wear sunglasses, because UV rays are reflected by sand and water.

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