Nexus 7 tab on sale in india at just Rs19,990

Google’s highly praised Nexus Tablet finally reaches Indian shores, priced at Rs 19,990. Tablet maker Asus confirmed that sale of the tablet would begin, with an entry level Nexus 7 with 16GB storage priced at Rs 19,990.

Though many online retailers have been selling the Nexus 7 in India, the device had not been made officially available in the country by Asus which manufactures the tablet in collaboration with Google.

But the device that would be available in India isn’t the beefed up Android 4.2 version but the older 16GB version that runs Android 4.1. It will be available in Croma outlets across India.

The Nexus 7 has received rave reviews by tech critics across the board for punching well above its relatively cheap pricetag, and was also named ‘gadget of the year’ at London’s T3 Gadget Awards 2012.
Key technical specifications of the tablet include a 7-inch screen with IPS (in-plane switching) screen with a resolution of 1,280×800 pixels.
The tablet is also the first 7-incher to house a 1.3GHz Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core CPU, which includes a 12-core GPU. It also has a Micro-USB port, 1GB of RAM, and a 1.2-megapixel front camera (no back camera included).

And recently, a comprehensive test carried out by Dr. Raymond Soneira of DisplayMate has said that the display of the Nexus 7 comprehensively outperformed Apple’s newly launched iPad mini which is priced at Rs 27,000 for an entry level device.

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  1. mc_g (India) 1 day ago
    Whether it's Apple or Google, most foreign companies treat Indian customers like Indians are unwanted. Apple generally launches a backdated product in India when a better version of that product is introduced in US and others parts of the world (iPhone 5 was slight exception). Google's Nexus 7 was available in most countries - except in India - from beginning of launch of the product. Now, as Google's updated version of Nexus 7 is out in most countries, we hear Google Nexus 7 "will be" available in India. But, as I write the comment, it's not yet available in India (I checked their store). And how come the price of the tablet Rs. 19,990 in India when it's $199 in US? It just is clear they treat Indians poorly. In this situation, Indians and Indian companies should start creating their own cool stuffs. When US denied to give supercomputer to India, we Indians created our own supercomputer. Then what's a big deal in creating a tablet? We can very much create our own cool stuffs and we should start doing that now. After all, it's the work of Indian engineers (and engineers from other countries too) that allows Google or such companies to build cool products. If you fellow Indian engineers and entrepreneurs have minimum self respect, then stop waiting for Google or others to throw their surplus or backdated product at us at excess price. Let's stop being happy to own a backdated iPhone. Let's create with pride our own cool "Made in India" products.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts @Diwali. I was also having the same point of view but you know because of brain drain and the quality of education provided by other countries, all the gem minds of India are going out.
      First of all Indian Government is not able to solve this corruption problem then how can we think that they will look after all this.?