Must Have Top 5 IT skills in Recession period

As the Recession is slowly and gradually settling in once again and IT industry is expected to be the worst affected sector as far as job hiring is concerned. So we provide you with Top5 IT Skills that you all must have to get a better job.

Here are the Top 5 IT Skills:

1)Programming and Application Development: According to the survey, 60 per cent of the respondents wanted to hire employees with programming and application development skills by next year. Those who have experience in Java, J2EE and .Net are at an advantage as these skills will be heavily demanded by companies in the coming time. 

2)Project management: Project management will be in huge demand next year as 40 per cent of the companies questioned in the survey said that they will recruit project managers in the next 12 months. The rising demand for candidates with this profile is due to the jump in the number of as well as increase in the complexity of such projects as applications are now more connected. 

3)Help Desk/Technical: 35 per cent of IT recruiters surveyed by Computerworld said that they will hire IT help desk professionals within the next one year. Such companies' focus is to not only develop modern systems and solutions but also to help end users to access them easily, hence the emphasis on the technical support skills.  

4)Security: IT security also seems to be high on IT companies' agenda as 27 per cent responded that they were on the lookout for professionals with skills for safeguarding systems and data. Therefore, it's time that candidates in IT security industry brush up their knowledge on deploying firewalls, threat detection tools, encryption technology and other security systems. 

5)Business Intelligence/Analytics: Big data is a major concern for IT firms, which is why many companies are looking for business analytics professionals. In the survey, 26 per cent of the respondents stated that they will hire business intelligence/analytics professionals in 2013. Recruiters will keep in mind technical know-how, business knowledge and strong statistical and mathematical backgrounds while hiring personnel for this domain.  

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