New Sim Cards Will File FIR

You may be shocked after listening to this but yes its TRUE. If you are buying a new sim card and give a false details then you will be in danger.

This is the new diwali offer to all users from The Department of Telecom (DoT). The following things is to be noted or else he/she will be directly filed for FIR without intimation.

The following are the new agenda to be noted by all new subscribers.:

 1) Everyone should give a correct physical appearance  while you take the sim cards,and sim cards will be given to the particular physical identity who comes for it, only after checking his details on paper.
2) If anyone submits forged documents then the operator will automatically file a complain or FIR against the particular person.
3) The operators will be responsible for any inappropriate information provided by subscriber.
4) Only authorized dealer will be permitted to sell Sim cards.
5) The subscriber has to sign his photo on the form with the dealer.

So these are some of the Diwali offer given by DoT to all the new subscribers to stop illegal activities.
But do you really think this will help, India with more than a billion people....can they still manage to stop illegal activities. Lets see and hope for the best.

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