Secured Browsing With World's Best Antivirus

Whenever we buy a new computer either a laptop or desktop, the first thing which comes in our mind is the security of our system. Some people know it from starting so they have some good antivirus in their computer and some realise it after facing a trouble with a virus. So, many people buy a good antivirus and some are satisfied with free antivirus. Whatever be the situation one prefers buying a good antivirus for their computer but today I will change their minds with the best alternatives with great performance and tweaks. When it comes to antivirus, all the antivirus suite will be saying that they are at the top and they are having advanced feature then other and they have scored great in there security test and other test and performance.

Many people as me which antivirus is the best and suggest a good antivirus. Always my answer to that question is a question. Do you want to spend some money for antivirus? Then my next question is do you have genuine Windows or do you use any other OS? If the answer is “Yes my Windows is genuine” then half of my works is already over. I suggest them to install Microsoft Security essential and some other software’s which I will discuss below.

See if you are a windows user then install Microsoft Security Essential and if you are a Linux user then Clam antivirus these are the best as an antivirus for you.

But an antivirus is not sufficient to protect our computer from virus, malicious code, Trojan, Worm and other online threats. That’s why the additional features are included by different antivirus suites but there is always an alternative to obtain the advanced features for free of cost. What are they?

They are:

1.  A good browser protection, because mainly virus and Trojans comes from different sites which we browse. This is problem is solved by ‘Sandboxie’ software which will allow you to work in isolated environment and no site will affect your computer. Use whatever browser you want it’s ok. This software is free and available at

2.      Block pop-ops and unwanted advertisements with the help of Add-ons in Firefox and Extensions in Chrome. The popular add-ons are ‘Adblock Plus’, ‘Adblock plus Pop-up Addon’.

3. Some more add-ons for browser protection are also available in  Firefox like ‘BrowserProtect’ and ‘BetterPrivacy’ , ‘Ghostery’ to protect your cookies and identity respectively.

4. Now your browser is protected and your cookies are protected and there are no pop-ups but still there is a problem and that is the web links, which can be malicious or non-malicious.

The solution for this is another add-on in Firefox named ‘WOT’, which will show a colour symbol on the links. It will show you red colour for an un-trusted link and green for trusted.

5. Now your browser is fully protected from malicious threats but still I would like to give you all an advice that be aware of phishing and don’t click on un-known and un-trusted links.

6. Now the last thing you need to do to protect yourself from threats is install a good Firewall, already Windows 7 comes with a Firewall which is good but for Windows XP and Vista you must have a third-party Firewall. A good one is Zone-Alarm Firewall. This is again a free software.

I had almost covered all the additional features which a popular antivirus suite gives you and this will save allot of time and money. Another thing which costly antivirus suite offers is utilities to remove temporary files, defragment your pc, etc. Alternative is there for them also, ‘Ccleaner’ a free and powerful utility to clean your temporary files and maintain registry files. ‘Auslogics Disk Defrag’ software which defragments you disk faster than Windows defragmenter and it is also free software.


  1. Good post. computer security is essential.Discussing Top Antivirus For Windows 7

    1. Thanks raza wala

      As hacking is increasing day by day I believe this small step towards security will protect us a lot.