Raspberry Pi: An AirPlay Receiver

We have seen everything about Raspberry Pi, Quick Guide to Raspberry Pi Projects and how to make the cheapest internet call using Raspberry Pi and how to learn coding in an hour using Raspberry Pi. This all depicts that Raspberry Pi is the best platform to learn anything related to program and mini projects.

Jordan Burgess, an engineering student at Cambridge, has successfully turned one of the $25 open computers into an AirPlay receiver along the lines of Apple's AirPort Express. And here's what he used for this amazing hack: open source software, a USB Wi-Fi adapter, an SD card, a micro USB cable and the Raspberry Pi itself.

A report by TechCrunch said that once you have all the hardware ingredients, it's quite easy to handle the process for setting up the Pi. It's to your advantage when you're comfortable working with Terminal and also with the basics of installing an operating system onto the credit-card-sized computer.
After setting up the WiFi, all you need to install are a few things in order to get AirPlay functionality working and add iOS 6 support. Once you're done, the tiny Airport Express can help you send music from your iPhone to your stereo wirelessly.

It is worth mentioning here that the total build cost is around $48, vs. $100 for the Apple TV or AirPort Express.

Raspberry Pi is making waves across the globe, attracting considerable interest both from Linux hobbyists and embedded computing enthusiasts. The credit-card sized computer that can run Linux, Fedora and Arch Linux, was developed in the UK by the Raspberry Pi Foundation to get the youth of today to try their hands at engineering. Raspberry Pi has a low price so enthusiasts can afford it, founder Eben Upton told EFYTimes. There is no denying the fact that the $25 device has helped raise awareness of the possibilities for not only small but also inexpensive computers.

Head over to Jordan's blog to learn more...
Raspberry Pi,AirPlay Receiver

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