Exciting Products for 2013

There are a slew of exciting new products that are slated to enter the market this year. Keep your eyes and ears open for the new tech releases. I've already made a list of some of the most exciting products one can look forward to....


After Android 4.21 Jelly Bean comes 5.0 Lime Pie. Android 5.0 is likely to launch in May, and the first company to get its hands on it is going to be LG. The first Phone to carry it is rumored to be either the Optimus G2 or the Nexux7. The new Android should be compatible with Google's new release: Google TV.


Mozilla is the non-profit organisation that brought us the revolutionary high-customization browser. Firefox thus bringing about the end of Internet Explorer's monopoly. Now Mozilla is entering the mobile phone OS market by creating an open source operating system that it claims will be even cheaper than Google' Android. Can Firefox OS challenge Android's dominance?


Most of us have heard about the Google's glass project, but perhaps we didn't take it too seriously. On the other hand the competitors such as Microsoft and Apple have already started development of their own prototypes to compete against Google. With the competitions in this area heating up, it's possible that we see a wearable technology revolution in the coming years.


Technology is becoming simpler and more intutitive, and leap motions --- a motion detector similar to kinect --- aims to render the computer mouse obsolute.  The leap motion will allow you to flip through photo albums with your fingertips and manipulate a 3D model on a computer as if you were holding it in your hand.

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