Quick Guide to Raspberry Pi Projects

I have already discussed a lot about the Raspberry Pi mini computers and
also how to learn coding in an hour. And even we have discussed how Raspberry Pi provides the cheapest Internet calling facility so now if you really want to start some new projects on Raspberry Pi here is the quick guide on starting Raspberry Pi projects.

If you were facing issues with starting your projects on Raspberry Pi, you don't need to worry now. The Raspberry Pi Foundation has released a 'Quick Start Guide' for the Raspberry Pi.

The foundation has recognised that people who have received their share of the 'Pi' are not able to make the most of it because of the lack of a 'start-up' guide. The guide directs first time users to set up Pi when they are getting started. Users can collect information including how to connect the Pi to monitors, keyboards and a network. The information is presented in a diagram format. The guide provides step by step directions for installing an operating system on the computer to booting the Pi for the first time.
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This guide is although very basic, it may prove helpful for first timers who are receiving the Pi as their first development board. If you want to have a hands-on guide for your Pi, please click the link here.

Raspberry Pi is making waves across the globe, attracting considerable interest both from Linux hobbyists and embedded computing enthusiasts. The credit-card sized computer that can run Linux, Fedora and Arch Linux, was developed in the UK by the Raspberry Pi Foundation to get the youth of today to try their hands at engineering. Raspberry Pi has a low price so enthusiasts can afford it, founder Eben Upton told EFYTimes. There is no denying the fact that the $25 device has helped raise awareness of the possibilities for not only small but also inexpensive computers. 

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