Choose Your Own Hardware and OS of Your Smartphones

Now Indian buyers can choose the hardware and OS of their Smartphones, weather it may be the Popular Android or the non hackable Ubuntu or popular browser Firefox OS. With the upcoming Android alternatives like Ubuntu Phone OS or Firefox OS, what if you get a chance to choose the hardware and operating system for your smartphone? Sounds fun right? Africa-based Limitless Electronics previously, launched its products in a unique way, where the company allowed the customers to decide what hardware and operating system they would want their tablet to have. We are expecting the company to do a similar launch in India and users may get to choose between operating systems like Ubuntu Phone OS, Android and Firefox OS as well.

While nowadays, companies are not keen on offering multiple options as far as mobile OS is concerned but Limitless interestingly offers users the opportunity to custom-select their OS as well as hardware specs. Limitless Electronics has decided to start taking pre-order for its products from next month.

Limitless, Micromax, Lava, Karbonn, smartphone, tablet, firefox, android, ubuntuThe company plans to include not just tablets but all types of high-end luxury devices and electronics. Limitless is known for its Re|act and Fleet brand of smartphone, tablet and Smart TVs. Limitless Electronics, run by Cameroonian Tony Smith, has taken hold of the consumer electronics industry in Africa.

The Fleet brand devices are designed for advanced durability to provide long lasting and reliable performance in all types of conditions. Many Fleet devices are outfitted with technology and hardware that offer military-grade protection against exposure to water, wind, dust, shock, and more.

Limitless will be up against the existing line-up of domestic brands like Micromax, Karbonn, Spice and Lava in the country. But it will be interesting to see whether Limitless can compete with the heavyweights as well.

With pre-orders slated to start from next month onwards, Limitless is expected to launch its products officially in March.

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