Make an Inexpensive Multitouch Pad in just 5 minutes

In this post I would like to share How to Make an Inexpensive Multitouch Pad in Just 5 Minutes.... So read each steps carefully.

Step 1: Keep the following Materials ready in front of you
            1) Cardboard Box
            2) Piece of clear study material -- glass or plexiglas or acrylic.
            3) Paper -- Printer or tracing or drafting papers.
            4) Webcam
            5) Computer

Step 2: Now lets see how to construct....

1) Trim the paper to the same size as that of glass and tape the paper on top.

2) If needed tape box flaps to make  the box taller.

3) Cut a hole for the camera cord to fit through.

4) Pull the cord through the box and tape the Webcam in the center.

5) Attach the top piece(paper side up) using tape or be creative using any other materials.

6) That's it plug in your webcam and have fun!!!!

Step 3: Software required....

Touchlib -- open source finger tracking software.

I have shown the whole steps in the video below with examples of windows mouse driver, smoke demo, photo application, ripples, wall pong game, physics demo and multikey demo.

Have a look and enjoy making the Multitouch pad in few minutes.


  1. Oh i will gonna try this, i like d idea very much.....

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