Raspberry Pi Providing Cheap Internet Call

You might be knowing about what Raspberry Pi is all about. Raspberry Pi provides users to learn Coding in an hour and its also termed as the small computer. At the the Raspberry Pi event held in D.C. from 28 September to 3 October, network and communications giant Broadcom used the Linux machine to teach children how to program a game in an hour. 

Starting with a snake game, middle-school students--most with no background in programming, were given a Raspberry Pi during their breakfast programming session. They were asked to expand on the game with an aim to make it a little different within an hour. Kids were segregated into six groups of five; and each group was also assisted by a Broadcom employee and a student from Howard University. 

It is worth mentioning here that kids could successfully turned snake into a multiplayer game. They also created a version of the game with holographic apples that the snake would pass through rather than eat.

And now The Raspberry Pi is expanding its wings big time. At a pocket friendly price of $25 for the Model A and $35 for the Model B, the guys at Elastix open-source unified communications outfit has come up with a new version of Elastix 32 named as ╬╝Elastix to power the Raspberry Pi with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). The ╬╝Elastix will allow Raspberry Pi users to make cheap Internet calls, thus, giving full operational versatility to the credit sized mini CPU. 

In the unified communication module VoIP is just a part of it. Elastix can do several other operations. Here's a diagram of the functionality:

Great Raspberry Pi can work wonders! People have tried to stuff the Pi in almost every kind of gadget. A photographer stuffed the Raspberry Pi into a DSLR camera to convert it into an amazing computing device and also not to forget the Raspberry Pi powered keyboard.

Now a days there are countless Raspberry Pi projects that are being tested. Coding geeks can even start their own business by making a new device out of the Raspberry Pi. If you are new to coding, you can start your coding lessons by purchasing this sweet Pi. Raspberry Pi can fit into all spheres of computing. You can create a home security system or a media center and even can use it for gaming. The best feature is you can even afford to step up the gas and overclock it. The Raspberry Pi can be customised in every way, despite the fact that the device was built to provide an affordable yet functional computer for students to learn the basics of programming and software development.

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