India's Green Railway Station at New Delhi

The capital city of India will soon have its green railway station. It is the nice step to save the electricity and will help the city to use the same energy in other useful works. The New Delhi railway station could be solar-powered, making it the first ‘green’ station in the city. Under the pilot project, solar panel of 1 MW capacity will be installed in the non-utilised portion of the rooftop at an expenditure of Rs 15 million.

Currently New Delhi pays around Rs 15 million as its monthly power bill and draws 5 MW electricity. “The solar panels will help reduce the dependence on the conventional source of power".

The panels will be installed on private public partnership. A private company will install the panels and the railways will purchase the power from it on a fixed rate. Solar panels will be installed above the roof of foot over-bridges, terrace and other shelters of the station. “The private party will install and maintain the solar panels. The agreement would be for 5 to 10 years.

The railways will first have to invite bids to appoint a consultant to examine the modalities of the solar panels. The consultant will be appointed by December-end and, based on the study, installation of solar panels would start next year.

It would be nice to see how fast the city will be able to make the station green. The fear of getting the fuels exhausted is making us to move towards solar form of natural energy, i have seen several solar projects been taken by the government in the city for saving energy.

To reduce the existing load at the small station, some surplus fittings have been removed and energy efficient T-5 fittings, 60W fans, new exhaust fans (55 Watt) and CFLs have installed.
"We have used 28 solar panels (Each 12V, 70W) have been used in two groups of 14 panels each."

Lets hope that Solar railway stations be established everywhere in the country so that we can save a lot of electricity.


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