Facebook Internship :Dream for Indians

Most of the engineers look for the best company for Internship, we are always disturbed about What to do After B.Tech, either go for M.Tech or MBA but it depends on the individual. The internship with good companies also decides your engineering future.

The social networking giant Facebook gives a great internship option for US students, it would be really great to have such internship in India too. In US the Facebook is the best company to work with and its paying its workers a good amount. According to Glassdoor's Employee Choice Awards, Facebook is the best place to work in US and Facebook's interns earn between $5,600 and $6,300 per month or $65,000 to $75,000 per year. Tech interns are the highest paid in the US and companies attract the best talents from school by offering high pay packages to interns. 

Tech Interns are the highest paid in US, even in Recession period like now in 2012-2013 the companies like Google, Microsoft and Facebook still pays high to their interns as well as to their permanent workers. The top five qualities required by all these companies even in Recession period are discussed here. Click here.
In India Google India Pvt Ltd remained the dream place to work, and A joint report has been filed by The Economics Times and Great Place to Work Institute, India, where about 80,000 employees across different companies voted. The poll covered 21 sectors from Indian and multinational companies in the private sector to public sector and not-for-profit organizations.

Researchers at the University of Missourie have developed a scale to determine the personality of a person on the basis of how they use the social media site. The scale is based on various activities of a user on Facebook, such as status updates and photo uploads, etc. And if you are really good at your social profile you really owe a chance to work with the Facebook Social Site. Some of the detail on how to make your personality synchronous to that required by Facebook are discussed here. Click here

Following Google, Intel Technology India Pvt Ltd and NTPC Ltd were ranked second and third respectively on the list of best companies to work in the country.

Here’s the list of top 10 places to work in India:

1) Google India Pvt. Ltd.
2) Intel Technology India Pvt. Ltd
3) NTPC Ltd
4) MakeMyTrip India Pvt. Ltd
5) Forbes Marshall Pvt. Ltd
6) American Express India
7) Marriott Hotels India
8) Intuit Technologies Services
9) Qualcomm India
10) NIIT

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