LINUX MINT VS UBUNTU LINUX: The Race of Being the Best

It has been always seen that there is a great competition between everyone in this world, whether its a technical thing or a non technical thing.Now here....

We are not trying to change your mind but here are five points why Linux Mint is better than Ubuntu Linux. 


    The last time when they released the top five Linux distributions, Linux Mint was top on the list. Not to forget the number of supporters that the Linux distro enjoys. However, there are some who still want to stay loyal to Ubuntu Linux. We are not trying to change your mind but here are five points why Linux Mint is better than Ubuntu Linux.  

Reason 1: Security In case of Ubuntu Linux, users can directly log in automatically, without indicating password strength. However, when it comes to Linux Mint, users are forced to choose whether they want to automatically log in or need password security.

Reason 2: Options of client media Linux Mint 12 offers you the best when it comes to client-based media players and viewers. Network World says: “There's a definite slick feel to the apps chosen, and we were reminded of the Apple behind-the-scenes thoughtfulness of simplicity but high compatibility with various media types.”

Reason 3: Regular updates Like Ubuntu Linux, Linux Mint updates are also easy to access and deploy. However, in case of Linux Mint you don’t have to wait for strictly scheduled updated. They keep releasing updates constantly.

Reason 4: GNOME User interface If you like GNOME, then you will surely like Mint's technique of making Gnome 3 appear like Gnome 2.3. Linux Mint 12 has burst into the charts for both its simplicity, and its geek creds, reports Network World.

Reason 5: Easier resources The best part about Linux Mint is that the Mint community is easily accessible. Also, the resources are easy to find and understand. On the other hand, Ubuntu is not as neatly organised. 

So now you all decide which is the best Either its Linux Mint or its Ubuntu Linux.      

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