Best OS Ubuntu 12.10

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding Ubuntu Linux 12.10 aka Quantal Quetzal. Just last week the beta 1 version of the free and open source distribution was released and the final release is expected sometime around October. Let’s see what is new in this:

1. One of the highlights of this version is that Ubuntu 12.10 will now natively support both the logical volume manager (LVM) and full disk encryption. This could specially be beneficial for enterprises and government users who got to meet a standard security requirement.

2. This version comes in a single, consolidated image. Earlier Ubuntu versions came in multiple images, however, the beta version is different. “There is no longer a traditional CD sized image, DVD, or alternate image, but rather a single 800MB Ubuntu image that can be used from USB or DVD,” the project team said in their official announcement. 

3. There is no more Unity 2D. According to a PC World report, users lacking hardware acceleration had to use the 2D version of Unity, but now the standard 3D Unity runs by default. For those without hardware acceleration, the operating system will automatically use the Mesa 3D LLVMpipe driver to perform 3D calculations using the CPU. Unity, meanwhile, has been updated to version 6.4.

4. The update manager has been revamped. It checks for updates every time it is launched.


5. More updates include Linux kernel 3.5.3, a new stack, Python 3, LibreOffice 3.6.1, and GNOME 3.5.90 for most components. Kubuntu, Edubuntu, Lubuntu, and Ubuntu Studio have also now reached Beta 1 status, as has Ubuntu Server, reports PC World.

  So enjoy using ubuntu linux OS. 

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