Beware Of Computers

You all might have seen the Board outside a house saying "Beware of Dogs" but here is one more saying Beware of Computers. And its all because of the growing technology that says: Computers can decode your thoughts.!!!!

University of California researchers have decoded electrical activity in the brains temporal lobe - the seat of the auditory system - as a person listens to a normal conversation. Based on the correlation between sound and brain activity, they were able to predict the words the person heard.

Researchers have determined the location of intractable seizures in fifteen people undergoing brain surgery so that the area can be removed in a second surgery. Neurosurgeons cut a hole in the skull and placed electrodes on the brain surfaces or cortex - in this case up to 256 electrodes covering the temporal lobe - to record the activity over a period of a week to pin point the seizures. The brain activity detected by the electrodes as patients heard five-ten minutes of conversation was recorded. The data was used to reconstruct and play back the sounds the patients heard.

Two different computational models were tested to match spoken sounds to the pattern of activity in the electrodes. The patient then heard a single word, and the models were used to predict the word based on electrode readings.

This was the whole procedure that takes place in computer to decode your thoughts and so it helps a lot for patients those are not in a condition to speak......But still you must be aware of computers now, as they can do anything in this changing world.

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