Laptops May Affect Male Fertility

With the Increase in population the usage of laptops is also increasing exponentially, so this topic is needed to be shared with everyone....


Laptops, Internet, Smartphones, and Bikes are the basic needs of this generation so I think Laptop is present with more than 70% of worlds population. And also all of you are merely busy browsing net now a days.
Millions of millions of men are using laptops especially those in the reproductive age range.
As the name indicates Laptops are meant because they are portable and are basically kept on laps, BUT HAVE YOU EVER PONDERED THAT it can cause you some problem in future.?

NO.... NEVER..............

According to YELIM SHEYNKIN (a urologist at State University of New York at Stony Brook) said that When you use laptops keeping on your laps then after just 10 to 15mins the temperature of your reproductive organ go above the optimum level but you are not aware, which can cause you some reproductive problem in future or may affect male fertility.
Instead you can use cooling pads available in the market....

I wouldn't say that if you start to use laptops, you will become infertile though frequent use might contribute to reproductive problems.

So guys be prepared and try to use cooling pads, its not only for your welfare but also think for the future generation of World.


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