Alert for Wi-Fi users in India

Wi-Fi users in India are more vulnerable to virus attack

Wi-Fi Attacked

Now a days we have seen several attacks by the Anonymous hacker on several websites and daily their is certain news related to hackers, we must be aware that in India Wi-Fi is most vulnerable to such attacks.

Password Hack

Even Indian computer security analysis firm warns India for such attacks. According to the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In), the virus attacks through Wi-Fi could lead to crashing and even hacking of the secure networks. The firm has discovered that the Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) has a design error, which increases risks of virus attacks and may allow attackers to take unauthorised control of the affected system. The error can also help attackers crack and stealthily enter into an encrypted and password protected system.

“The virus is streaming in the Indian Internet networks with a high severity. The combat mechanisms are being deployed,” a computer security analyst with a government agency said. “An unauthenticated, remote attacker within range of the wireless access point could use the PIN (password) to gain unauthorised access to the device to retrieve the password for the wireless network or change the configuration of the device. Failed attempts to exploit the vulnerability could lead to a denial of service condition,” the CERT-In said in its alert to Wi-Fi users.

The agency also pointed out its reports that revealed several WPS devices do not feature any kind of lockout policy for such attack attempts. Users in India mostly use the WPS method to set up a wireless router for home network. The WPS procedure requires a PIN that can be used during the setup phase. Issuing an advisory to the Wi-Fi users, analysts of CERT-In said that users should disable the external registrar feature of the WPS to protect their device from virus attacks.

"So we all must be aware of it and try to make our Wi-Fi connection more secure.Lets see weather we can make our connections secure or we will also come in some news for being hacked by Anonymous hackers or for some virus attack."

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