Cheapest Windows Phone:Nokia Lumia 510

Finally Nokia has announced worlds Cheapest windows phone in India. With the launch of Nokia Lumia 510 it become the most affordable windows phone in lumia series.

Will it make any change in Nokia Survival ????

Here are some of 5 Interesting Things about Lumia 510:

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The entry-level Windows Phone device,Nokia Lumia 510, has garnered a lot of attention from tech lovers.
The struggling tech firm's new launch no doubt aims to attracts new users to a new Windows Smartphone.
The Phone is available in the market now. Let's have a look at five interesting things about the lumia 510.

Windows Phone

You can enjoy the Lumia Windows Phone with Live Tiles on your screen with adjustable sizes. Now incoming messages and calls will be hassle free and updates on the screen just a click away. Here you have access to Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer 9 on the mobile.


The Lumia 510 boasts of an 800MHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S1. It also has 256MB RAM.Storage-wise it has 4GB built-in memory, 7GB Skydrive cloud storage, no microSD card slot.

Colour Variants

For the trendy fashion lovers,Lumia 510 won't disappoint you. It is available in a range of flashy colours. You can choose from White, Black, Red, Cyan and Yellow. When festivities are around the corners, you can let the colours speak for yourself.


The camera of Lumia series is always discussed. The low light photography of Nokia has brought a drastic revolution in Smartphone Photography. This smartphone also has a 5MP camera with Auto focus.

Affordable Prize

The Lumia 510 is latest prized at just Rs 9,900 on and its the best or cheapest prize of any smartphone with such great speed. Its also said that this smartphone will be most user friendly and its interface will be loved by the people. 


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