Make Free Calls Via Facebook

The giant social networking site Facebook is now all set to allow its user to call freely and it was all possible because of a new application in the app store named Plingm.

A new smartphone app named Plingm will now allow you to make free phone calls within your Facebook contacts without dialling even a single digit. Plingm, a Swedish mobile VoIP, has introduced free phone calls for Facebook's one billion users. "Mobile numbers are legacy. By calling friends with our Facebook feature, you can always reach the person you want to speak to even if they change their number", said Pandelis Eliopoulos, co-founder, Plingm. "With the growing use of social media, the possibility to call your Facebook friends directly without a phone number is a logical evolution of mobile communication.” 

Using this application is pretty easy. Download the Plingm app from the App Store and accept to connect with your Facebook account. The app automatically scans and imports all your contacts. Calls between Plingm users are free, regardless of whether you are in the same town or on the other side of the world.

According to Plingm, “With the numbers steadily increasing and an impressive consumer rating on App Store, the mobile VoIP app Plingm combines high sound quality with user-friendliness. All calls made to other Plingm users are free, regardless where they are in the world and there is no time limit. Calling with this service instead of a traditional operator will save people large sums of money, particularly on international calls. At a low fixed rate, consumers can also call friends not yet using Plingm.” 



  1. I am living in London (uk) But mostly I use to call India for my personal as well as for business purpose. So can anyone suggest me how to makeCheap calls to India It would be help full for me.

    1. It would be better if you see through this link.

  2. @simplecall i can suggest you to look at either this link

    or the other options available are Viber or facebook chat or Nimbuzz or Skype.

  3. Thanks for the suggestions friends i will difenitely look at these suggestions for Call India