Vintage Exams With New Technology

You might have listened only vintage cars or vintage house till now but now I introduce vintage exams.
This post is solely written after seeing all new patterns in different kinds of exams. I got to know that exam for GATE 2014 is now a online exam, Moreover after checking the new placement patterns of different companies like TCS, Infosys and others every exam is changing now. 

Lets have a look at different exams and there patterns.

The heading says Vintage exams, that means the exams are all same with old strategies but with the implementation of new Technologies. 

Lets consider the case of GATE 2014 exam, its the exam for checking your technical knowledge. It was a offline (pen and paper) exam till last year but with the advancement in technology and for saving the time for correction they have implemented online exams. The online exams are always beneficial for the conducting side but when it comes to students its difficult to continuously concentrate on the computer screen. So it decreases our efficiency in exam. If you face such difficulties start taking online exams at  different sites mentioned here.
You can take these tests here

or if you want to take free online tests then better go for

even this site is also good

Certain coaching institute like ACE, Gateforum, Ascent also gives good series of online GATE exam.

The genius minded exams like CAT and MAT or XAT are all online but its from past few years because they believe on the genius mind that they can do well in spite of distraction. I will conclude by saying that in future we may have our Matriculation(10th) and Intermediate exams online too.
And so all the exams may be online and the patterns may change to great extent by 2015.


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