Charge your Phone using Candle

Its really strange that there are different ways of charging your Cell Phones battery, but we know only one that's plugging charger into socket and getting it charged.

So now I will share with you a new method of charging the phone, and that's using a "CANDLE". I have previously made a post for charging a phone by sending messsages you can look that here

Lets get started....

Do you know the Law of Thermodynamics??

If any system 'A' and system 'B' are both in equilibrium with system 'C' then the system 'A' and system 'B' are also in equilibrium with each other.

Now when a system is at higher potential, it must give some energy to other system to come in equilibrium.
Similar is the case here. A candle gives heat energy and so this can be utilized to charge a cell phone.
fig a
But this heat energy is to be properly converted into electrons that will flow in cell phones so for this reason we use a device known as Peltier Device(as shown in fig b)

fig b
You can find this peltier device on  as a usb tea cooler or warmer.
Now take this peltier device from inside the usb tea cooler and warmer, and keep it as shown in  fig-c. 

The voltage obtained now is around 1.8 Volts but its not sufficient to charge a phone so we use a amplifier already present in emergency mobile portable chargers. And connect positive to positive and negative to negative, and that's all the cell phone starts charging.

Parts list required:
1) A Peltier device scavenged from a usb drink chiller
2) Candle
3) a phone charger amplifier
4) A cell phone
Everything is cheap and can be made under $55.

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