Increase Your Android Battery Life Using these Tricks

Eight Simple Tricks To Make Your Android's Battery Last Longer  

Rule 1: Avoid getting your Android device heated up. This is especially valid for those who end up exposing their device to a lot of heat (climatic etc). Never ever leave your phone in sun else it will affect the battery life. So instead of carrying your phone in your hand or keeping it on a shelf exposing it to heat, keep it in your pocket or bag, away from direct heat. 

Rule 2: Your display undoubtedly consume the maximum battery. Especially with big phones becoming popular, they end up eating into your battery life. So it is always advisable to turn down the screen brightness. If you leave the feature on, the phone will keep adjusting the brightness to your surroundings.

Rule 3: Your phone is smart enough to turn off the screen when it senses you are not using it. However, sometimes the screen timeout keeps it awake for longer than you wish. Some Android phones like Note 2 is smart enough to know when you are looking at the screen and not, but in case of others you have set the minimum time for screen timeout to ensure the battery doesn’t drain out.

Rule 4: Always, always select the power saving mode when in need. It will ensure that all the unnecessary items are turned off when not in use like the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. However, it is not advisable to keep it on all the time as it impacts the system performance. Use it when you want to preserve your battery life.

Rule 5: Do you really need that vibration? Most of us keep the vibration on by default without seeing any real use of it. Turn it off unless necessary.

Rule 6: Your phone is mostly working constantly on features like Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth. To save some battery life, it is advisable to turn it off. Also, choose to keep your Wi-Fi off until you reach an active hotspot, else your phone will consume a lot of battery searching for networks that are remote.

Rule 7: Did you know that your Android handheld is just like a mini computer. So it is advised to restart the device occasionally. It will ensure that all non working apps are closed and you start afresh. You will find the Restart option under Device Options (which also have the Power Off and Airplane mode).

Rule 8: Battery problems can occur anytime and anywhere. While the above tips will surely help your battery run longer than usual, it is advisable to have a handy extra battery to face the unexpected! 

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