Charge Your Phone's Battery by Sending an SMS

I have seen mobile batteries being charged by a charger or wireless charging like that of Nokia Lumia 920 but this is a totally a new concept where your Phone's battery gets charged up by just sending a "SMS". Buffalo Grid has developed a solar-powered cellphone charging station that gets activated by an SMS. The system can be beneficial for people living off-grid as recharging their phone is now an SMS away.

In this case the battery of the cellphone takes power from solar panel via a technique called maximum power point tracking (MPPT). The battery is charged by a 60-watt solar panel. 

The company has designed the technology particularly for rural areas in the developing parts of the of the world like Africa and Asia. According to a 'NewScientist' report, a trial of the technology has already been conducted in Uganda. 

The output of a solar panel is dictated by environmental conditions including temperature and the amount of sunlight available, along with the resistance of the circuits connected to it. MPPT is used to monitor these conditions and alter the resistance accordingly. This ensures maximum possible power output at a point in time. 

The innovation works on the basis of how stored solar power is released to charge the battery of a phone.

Steps involved in charging are :

1) A user has to send a text message to the solar-operated device. 
2) As soon as it receives the message, an LED placed above the socket on the battery lights up. 
3) It indicates that the technology is ready to charge the phone. 
4) As per the trial conducted in Uganda, each text message allowed the phone to be charged for as much as one and a half hour. 
5) Once fully charged, the power in the Buffalo Grid unit can last up to three days. 

It can have up to 10 charging points and is capable of charging 30 to 50 phones a day. According to a PTI report, Buffalo Grid's Daniel Becerra, said, “When you bring power to phones that do not have any, people will use them more. Instead of paying for the charge, people will spend more on airtime.”

Buffalo Grid is working to bring down the cost of technology with the help of cellphone network operators. The company believes that the cellphone operators can help them in subsidising rates for this technologically advanced medium, or can even make it free of cost.     


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