Android Developers: How to Earn Genuinely with Apps

I was wondering if any app developer can earn a good amount of money with his apps. I myself have a lot of apps on Android Platform but all of them are free apps.

We all work hard to develop a app for our users and then we give it for free, what does it give us in return----popularity (may be)---- But what if we give our app as free and also earn some bucks out of it--"think"--.

Yes I am not joking its true we can earn with our free apps not by giving adds. Giving ads take a lot of time to make some decent amount of money. But here is a really great site that pays you just for downloading its sdk and integrating it with your apps. You would be thinking that your privacy and app would be at risk but feel free as this site is a secured site and I have used it and making decent income.

Here is the site

And you make a good amount of money as your users download your app, Give it a try and tell me your response, If you have any query you can comment.

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