TOP 7 Windows Phone App

Top 10 Must have Apps for every Windows Phone:
Here I am providing the list of some apps which I believe that it should be there on each and every windows phone.I categorized these on the basis of there information given to users and there informativeness. All the apps listed here are of student developers as I believe they are new to this field but have done great job to be in this list...... 

1) Unknown Tricks:
Unknown Tricks

Description: This application provides you all the tricks related to Famous company's like Microsoft,Google,Facebook and some of the Maths trick that makes calculation easy and fast.
As I have tried this app and used it, It provided me help in many fields so its the top listed app.Also the success tips are creative and easy to follow.

After its latest Update this app is also providing the Computer tricks and Success tips in your room that will amaze you and makes you easy to work with any kind of OS installed on your PC or Laptop.

2) Photo Edit Pro

 This app allows you to edit photos, it enhances your photo quality and also
provides worlds best effect like vivid, aqua, ventura and lots more.

The app will add colours to your life too. This app is ranked 2 because of its creativity and popularity.This app is free for now but as its popularity is increasing it may be changed to paid app, so go and grab it don't wait.

Caution: Don't use this app when you are connected with your PC via Zune 
software (It won't work at that time).


3) Bollywood HD Songs
Bollywood HD Songs

Description: As the name of the app suggest that it provides the latest Bollywood HD songs that are most famous and loved by everyone, it contains the HD songs from Yash Raj films and also such other famous industries.Its a must try app for everyone.

The new version 6 of this app is more awesome and adds a lot of amazing user interface and the new HTML5. So the new version of this app will amaze you. All the bugs have been fixed in the latest version so we rank this app as top 3.

4) Quotes By Swami Vivekanand
Quotes By Swami Vivekanand

Description: This is the app which is all about the thoughts of Great Great Swami Vivekananda. And if you read these Quotes you will really feel like being surrounded by Heavenly bodies and positive minds.This app gives you a positive thought and makes the day wonderful.
You must have this app because if you start your day with his thoughts then you will really have a nice future and career.

5) Strange Facts

Strange Facts

Description: Are you aware of all the facts in this world ??
No, then is app is for you, as it gives some of the strange facts of the famous personalities.
By the way this app is also strange and crazy as it gives the crazy information of the celebrities.The coming update seems to be better in user interface and will be helpful to its users.

6)  Save Me
Save Me

Description: You all need help in Dangerous  situation or in any kind of Hazards. So this app provides the best measures to be taken when some natural hazards takes place like if Tsunami comes then what should you do, and all such questions are answered.So I believe that this app should be there in every mobile as we don't know whats going to happen in coming minute.

7) Tech Magazines 

This app contains RSS of popular Technology Magazine site like PC World, 
MacLife, Linux Journal, cnet news, etc.

This is really a best app for all magazine lovers.And will give you all the magazine coverage in free, so need to waste your money on buying each and every magazines you can just install this free app and enjoy.

Considered as best magazine app by its user.



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